Know how your baby is, even when you can't be there.

Your baby's well-being is your number one priority. Sadly, however, it is impossible for most parents to be present all the time, with work, routine matters or a simple visit to the cinema keeping anxious parents apart from their babies.

With NeoCare, you can keep an eye on your baby no matter where you are. You may be going about your everyday work, meeting friends or simply in an adjoining room. You can use the NeoCare app anywhere to reassure yourself that your baby's pulse and breathing are normal, and find out whether he is asleep or awake.


Alarm function if your baby happens to be unwell.

Not knowing whether all is well with their baby during the night often leaves many young parents feeling restless. NeoCare takes away this restlessness by using the latest technology to keep an eye on your baby's pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels round the clock. NeoCare will notify you immediately from both the base station and the app of any abnormality in these values. Which means you and your baby can both have a good night.

Sleep and rest phase analysis so you and your baby can get the sleep you need.

Getting enough sleep and rest is not just important for your baby, it’s important for you, too. The NeoCare app will give you a detailed statistical analysis of when your baby sleeps during the day and night, and when they are restless. Armed with this knowledge, NeoCare can give you useful tips on how you and your baby can sleep through the night and will accompany you along the way.

How it works

Breathing and pulse always in sight.

NeoCare uses pulse oximetry, a tried-and-tested technique that is normally only used in hospitals. This optical method can be used to measure your baby's pulse and oxygen saturation levels on a band placed around his ankle.

Soothing talkback function.

The NeoCare app alerts you if your baby makes a noise in the nursery, giving you an opportunity to soothe him with the sound of your voice, anytime, anywhere.

Humidity and room temperature in sight.

NeoCare keeps a constant eye on the humidity and temperature in your baby's room to ensure that they are conducive to his well-being.

Fall asleep with a gentle lullaby and night light.

Rock your baby to sleep with soothing lullabies and soft room lighting, which you can also control remotely from the app. 

Uncompromising in material and fit.

When developing the NeoCare ankle band, particular care was taken to select medically approved materials to ensure that your baby is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Smart Connect.

Whether you are in an adjoining room, at work or dealing with routine matters, NeoCare Smart Connect allows you to access the cloud anytime and anywhere.

Sleep and rest phase analysis.

Sleep is important for you and your baby. The NeoCare app shows you exactly when your baby enjoys the rest and sleep they need, and gives you useful tips to improve your own sleep pattern.

Wireless Charging.

The NeoCare band features the latest charging technology. You can simply place the band on the base station as the charging process will start automatically - with no need for cables.

Customizable notification settings.

Thanks to its sophisticated sensor technology, NeoCare knows when your baby is asleep or agitated, and when something is not right with his breathing or his heart. You can use the NeoCare app to specify when and how you would like to be informed about your baby's condition.

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